What makes Volare different?

Choosing a timing and customer management software is a daunting task. Our US, UK and Australia-based team has decades of experience running facilities and building the software that powers them. We combined our passion and experience to create a software you will love with a singular goal: ensure facility operators, their staff and visitors have an amazing experience.

Free trial, no contracts, install yourself in 5 minutes or less

We believe so strongly in our software that we do not require any contracts. We allow you to install the software yourself using hardware you already have. Be up and running in under five minutes for a free trial.

Customer-first, the rest will work itself out

Our software is founded on the belief that understanding your business and treating everyone we work with in an ethical manner wins the day. We work closely with our customers and like-minded 3rd parties allowing you access to the best tools that make your business thrive.

Staying in touch with our customer-base is a core belief for our team. Our contract-less business model ensures that we continually work to earn your business.

Focused, industry-leading features

We believe in staying focused on what we excel at and not spreading ourselves too thin by trying to do it all. For areas that are not core to our vision, we offer solutions alongside trusted 3rd parties that excel in those areas. Volare gives you access to a complete software solution made up of leaders passionate in each segment, beyond what a single vendor can provide.

Customer privacy & data security

Privacy laws are becoming increasingly stringent, and for good reason. We do not believe in storing every venue’s data in the same database alongside their competitors. In fact, we don’t even have access to your data or backups.

Clear, simple recipes for success

We love to share proven ideas we’ve learned with you by taking the guesswork out of marketing campaigns and day-to-day operations. We believe in helping to grow your business.

Flexibility, one size does NOT fit all

We have found that every facility has slightly different needs. Volare was built with this flexibility in mind. What we build is directly related to actual customer needs and feedback.

If your facility has specific, custom needs, Volare was designed on a flexible REST-ful and event-driven API from day one. Have a goal but do not know where to start? Contact us and we would love to help you make your dream a reality, either with our services or a 3rd party.

Always improving, relentless forward progress

The industry continues to evolve at an ever increasing pace. Our software is designed to automatically update around your schedule, giving you access to an ever expanding toolbox. We frequently release articles and recipes showing how to use Volare and our integrations in exciting and innovative ways.