One of the things that sets the Volare team apart is our experience working with many venues across many different continents. We know first hand that every venue is unique and one size does not fit all.

To that end, we designed Volare to be flexible and work with like-minded providers doing excellent work in their niche.

Today we'd like to announce our integrations with two great providers for online booking, Book My Karting and Turitop. We've been running both of these integrations in production and are quite happy with the results.

With both providers, we have a deep integration that instantly syncs bookings and data directly into your Volare schedule, creating the events and participant reservations automatically.

Book My Karting

Long viewed as the staple for karting and entertainment centers in the UK, Nick and his team at Book My Karting (BMK), by Smart Entertainment, has booked events for a variety of venues for quite a long time.

We recently completed the second version of our BMK integration, bringing in realtime sync of bookings directly into Volare.

What we really enjoy about BMK is the flexibility it allows in booking a variety of complex events and parties that go well beyond simple scenarios. As an added benefit, BMK allows you to bring your own payment provider, charging just a flat monthly fee.


We encountered Turitop at one of our customer installs and were delighted to find how easy integration was to their API, taking less than a day.

Turitop has a great interface for viewing and managing bookings and have proven to be quite responsive to our requests to further improve the integration.

We also love their booking widget that can be embedded and styled directly in your website.

Closing thoughts

Our team is very grateful for the partnerships we have established with both companies, if you've got questions or want to learn more please reach out to us or the vendors directly!