It's been a busy week after we released our maintenance module.

In true Volare form, we released an initial version of our Maintenance Module that was based directly from customer feedback and our team's experience. But the story doesn't stop there. We rolled it out to everyone then met with each customer for some followup feedback after they had some time to "kick the tires".

We set aside time the following week to rapidly iterate on what we heard... and subsequently released the ability schedule Vehicle and Course checks on flexible intervals and many other tweaks to fine tune things.

Want to trigger an alert at the first of the month to change oil? How about a nightly reminder to check the track? All covered!

We've gone on to add some awesome reporting on vehicle statistics for fastest lap time, average lap time and a variety of other metrics to ensure your fleet is performing in top shape.

More things are already released to our Alpha tester channel... stay tuned, we're just getting warmed up!