Now that Volare has launched, we're turning our focus to perfecting the product with our customers. Actively listening and involving our customers in the product vision is core to what we do.

One need that constantly arose in discussions was finding a way to track maintenance on vehicles. Existing solutions exist but most were overly complicated to the point of not usable or useful.

Last week, we emailed a questionnaire and ran a focus group of track owners/operators to get their feedback.

Unsurprisingly, the Volare mindset of simplicity was what everyone agreed was needed:

  • Automatically set maintenance alerts based on criteria
  • Allow grid marshals to manually make notes on maintenance required
  • Surface this to the mechanics when they clock in
  • Allow work to be completed and logged with historical context
  • Make the results of maintenance searchable and exportable

We thought a bit deeper and took a look at some of the national sanctioning body needs such as those from the NKA. In addition to the above, it is also possible to perform checks and logging on the race track itself.

It is even possible to automatically log air quality and other metrics for the facility. True to Volare's mission of having an open, realtime API, this allows for environmental controls to be activated based on sensor data!

After collecting the feedback, we immediately set to work and already have an early alpha together! Look for this to be launched to everyone soon!