Today we're releasing a project that has been around for several years but never publicly announced – Volare Relay.

Volare Relay allows you to connect to the rMonitor feed supported in nearly every race timing system such as MyLaps Orbits, Westhold, TAG Heuer, Motosponder and relay the data to a variety of outputs directly from either Windows or Mac in a variety of easy to consume formats.

Contact us and we will have you up and running in minutes.

TV Titling and Graphics
Ready to take your race videocasts up a notch? We have a variety of outputs such as CSV and Key/Value that will feed the on screen graphics software you are using such as NewTek, NewBlue's Titler Live 4 Sport, CharacterWorks, or Livestream Studio.

JSON Output
Want a universal and flexible output? We offer a raw JSON output that contains everything about the race as well as calculated fields such as speeds, gaps and diffs.

Easy to test
We also include an on-demand test feed to assist you as you are setting up your graphics. Want to replay specific races or data? We can help!

Have custom needs?
While Volare Relay is jam packed with a variety of options, some times you need something a little extra. Don't hesitate to reach out if there's something custom that you have in mind.